Foreign market entry and international brand management

If you cannot afford to relocate your best employees abroad, as you need them in your home market, N’KUMI Kreates & Konnects, together with its expert partner organizations, will. support you enter these new markets and follow in the footsteps of successful exporters. N’KUMI Kreates & Konnects will, after consulting with you, assist with the following (but not limited to):

Develop an international marketing function and integrate it optimally into your organization;

Select relevant markets;

Identify potential,

Develop and position products and services,

Introduce and launch new brands,

Represent and manage brands in accordance with your rules and requirements,

Manage your relations with multiple businesses and agencies, government and non-governments institutions (from initial talks and negotiations to briefing, contract conclusion and project execution control),

Evaluate results and formulate recommendations on ways to improve strategy.

We will combine your business initiative with knowledge of the new local market you wish to enter, in order to ensure you achieve your objectives.

Effective agency relationship management

N’KUMI Kreates & Konnects will assist you in deciding not only why and how to select an agency, partner or supplier, but will also support with the necessary business procedures, and assist in working with the appointed organization in order to reach and surpass the goals you set for your business or project.

An agency, whether from the private or public sector, is not just a supplier, but can also be your partner – one that can help you achieve your greatest business success and elicit a positive market response.

Planning and logistics coordination services 

To plan international service delivery is a time consuming and challenging endeavour, but N’KUMI Kreates & Konnects will coordinate and facilitate this process.

With us you will have a partner in the management of meetings and events, no matter the size, within our network of partners. We assist businesses, agencies and individuals with the following (but not limited to):

To manage every aspect of their event, which includes strategy development, project and attendee management, on-site and post-event support.

Plan and manage conventions, congresses, workshops, grand opening ceremonies, and more.

Provide experienced, reliable and enthusiastic partners who keeps abreast of the latest trends and fully understands the audience and their expectations.

Deliver bespoke solutions, no matter how complex the requirements or audience.

Global Markets & Partners

Whilst our markets and business partners are constantly expanding, they currently include:

EUROPE (UK, Portugal, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland)
SOUTHERN AFRICA (South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Botswana and Angola)
AUSTRALIA (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane)
ASIA (China, Hong-Kong and Vietnam)