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Ideation & Business Connector Social Enterprise

Strategic Partnerships, Sustainable Development Goals, 4th and 5th Industrial Revolution & Solutions Pairing, Social-First, Creative Initiatives & Inventive Connections, Delivering Positive Return on Investment to our Partners.

N’Kumi Kreates&Konnects

Who We Are

An ideation and business connector social enterprise, focusing on initiatives for social good, with the 4th and 5th industrial revolution and sustainable development goals at the core of everything we do.

Based in Johannesburg – South Africa, we operate through a variety of strategic partners across the globe to build business bridges from, within and through our central base to the world. Our privileged geographic location in Johannesburg, as one of the world business hubs, makes us a preferable partner.

We are collaborators and innovative game-changers with a passion for building a better tomorrow.

We are N’KUMI – Kreates & Konnects.


Our Approach

We equitably keep the ownership of the projects we engage with, build business bridges from, within and through our central base to the world, bring partners, investors and implementing partners to realize our vision and business delivery. Additionally, we work through a variety of strategic partners across the globe to provide advisory support on conscious multisectoral business practices to meet the UN SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals) targets.


Our Solutions

Utilizing a multi-disciplinary partnership from the public and private sectors, we develop cutting-edge initiatives and solutions and build strategic partnerships to support business delivery and bring long-term sustainable community enrichment and social impact, by converting blockers into creative solutions.

Concept Creation

We create cutting-edge concepts to advance global sustainable development while energizing and promoting economic growth.

Facilitate Business Connections

We facilitate connections to underpin our ethos of global integration & sustainable development goals while meeting the outlined core business areas and initiatives.

Sustainable Development Goals

In partnership with our SDG specialized partners, we define the most relevant SDGs to your company or initiative, and help you build your sustainability strategy.

Business Incubation, Mentoring, Agencing and Consulting

We value collective growth and business practices. Thus, we provide business incubation under our business umbrella, allowing new initiatives to access our resources, networks, investors and partnerships to sustainably advance their business vision and mission, and to ensure compliance with SDG factors.

Creativity & Innovation

How Do We Do It?

We use creativity to stand out in any society in order to respond to the increasing demand for sustainable and conscious business practices.

Our innovative approach navigates the complexity of designing the right experience for, and with organizations and society as a whole, to bring profitability and community enrichment to life across the array of sustainable development touchpoints.

We engage with our network of partnerships to co-create a pathway that is doable and impactful. We do this through strategizing and conceptualizing a tailor-made approach aligned to global market trends and priorities.

When developing initiatives and providing expert advisory support, our approach always has UN SDGs deeply embedded in all strategies. We take pride in responsible business practices and actions, impactful causes by partnering with public and private partnerships, non-profit organizations, that seek to make a difference and measurable long-term impact.

Conscientious & Sustainable Community Enrichment

Why Do We Do It?

Now more than ever, there is a need for collective groundbreaking business practices with a conscience, sustainability and impact. That is what we strive for.

There’s an evident urgency to align global businesses, institutions and communities to the Sustainable Development targets established by the United Nations to build better societies. Our generation has a responsibility to guide this evolutionary process in a better direction, and N’KUMI aims to actively take part by stimulating multi-sectoral collective action to achieve these objectives. We aim to drive this action and new business approach by embracing technology, creativity, collaborative connections and global integration.

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